About Us

Temp in Care is born out of a day care nursery setting with unique insight on how important staffing ratios are to the adequate safeguarding of children. There are many reasons for needing temporary cover, from staff sickness to term time surges in children. We know how difficult it can be to hire a temporary worker at short notice, especially in care. We also know how difficult it can be to find the right job at the right location at the right salary for a job seeker.

This is not made easier by current recruitment agencies that have raised barriers between employers and job seekers. These barriers allow them to profit from huge commissions, charge temporary to permanent fees and block active participation by job seekers and employers.

We believe employers know who they are looking for, job seekers know what work they want, and we have the technology to match them together. So why have these middlemen?


Cut out the middlemen.
Enable active participation through transparency.
Pass on savings with clear pricing.
Use ratings and a thorough vetting process to foster trust.
Low Fixed Temporary to Permanent fees.


To become the primary choice for temporary staffing in care.